Reader, I Married Him

FB-photo-for-marriageWe were pretty sure within a few months of serious dating that we would marry. From the moment we met we each decided, independently of the other, that we would date no one else but would concentrate on just each other.

We are both extremely mature adults. By “mature” I don’t mean just old, although of course we are getting on in age. What I do mean is that we are both grown up emotionally. We “own our own stuff.” We don’t blame anyone else for whatever happens in our lives. We take responsibility for our own emotions, we celebrate our successes, we know our strengths and weaknesses and we are both delightfully capable of laughing at ourselves.

We don’t need each other in any pathological ways. We do delight in each other. And we wanted to maximize our time together.

We’re not naïve. We know we have limited time together. Although we both enjoy truly great health, there are no promises that it will continue. We’ve both seen too many of our contemporaries become debilitated and die.

So, we married in a private ceremony this past Sunday, October 11, 2015. We chose to pledge our lives together this way because we wanted to focus only on ourselves here. The celebrant was a good friend for both of us of, Don Smith. His wife Amy joined us to snap a few photos and just to rejoice quietly at the joining of our two lives.

At some later date, we’ll have a blow out party and give our extended families and many friends a place to meet and celebrate.

But I still have a story to tell about this. It will come. For now, I invite you to rejoice with us as well.


  1. Congratulations! That’s how Tom and I chose to do the same– privately, with a dear friend officiating and her husband being our witness. Had we waited till we could gather every sibling, child, and closest friends, we’d still be waiting! I wish you all happiness!


  2. I think of our walk through the building after you baptized me. You told me about your short love story and how you had both marked a date in January on your calendars as the date you would decide. Now, maybe that date will be your blow out party!! I will never forget our walk and talk. You were so much in love even then!! Congratulations to you both!

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  3. So very very happy for you. I know that you are very happy and I can see that he is too. What a great story. Congratulations to you both and may God bless you with many happy years together.


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